Basic information
Here are a few things you would like to know about the estate before moving in

Basic information

Here are a few things you would like to know about the estate before moving in

Cooperative Villa Estate is a highbrow residential estate located along Badore road in Ajah community. The estate was developed by First World Communities in the mid-90s. Just as the name implies, the estate is an urban housing cooperative, and buying or owning a property within the estate makes one a member of the cooperative. The estate is divided into two phases (1 & 2) which are both well maintained with good ambiance. Those who intend to own properties within the estate are required to undergo an interview session with the estate management; to ascertain their eligibility. There are areas within the estate with laid down specifications for housing projects to abide by; building in such areas without following the set specifications is prohibited. There are also areas with no set specifications for those who would love to build according to their taste, however all building plans must be submitted to the estate management for approval. The environment is serene and attractive with interlocked roads and efficient drainage system. There’s a tennis court, as well as an Olympic size swimming pool for recreation. The estate is characterized majorly by detached houses with great architectural designs. All houses in the estate have low fences as well as green areas planted in front. The estate provides effective 24-hour security with guards at the entrance gate carrying out thorough checks on vehicles and pedestrians entering and exiting the estate. Entrance into the estate is restricted only to residents as visitors are required to call their hosts before being allowed in.

The estate has separate entrance and exit gates manned by guards. Non-residents are not allowed into the estate until they have been cleared by their hosts. There are also security personnel on patrol around the estate. The estate is generally safe.

To get accurate directions and traffic time from anywhere in Lagos to Cooperative Villa, (click here). Morning rush hour traffic when heading towards V.I starts at about 6:30 am and it is usually experienced on Badore road, Addo road leading to the Ajah junction and the stretch from Jakande to Ikate. During rush hour periods (6:30 am – 8:30 am), it takes between 1 h 10 min – 2 h to get to Victoria island from Cooperative Villa estate, but only about 45 minutes drive off peak rush periods.

The roads within the estate are interlocked, well-maintained and are in good condition. There are covered drainage channels on both sides of the roads.


The estate has no record of flooding and if existing infrastructure is maintained there won’t be any issue in that regards in the estate.

Property appreciation in the estate is average. The traffic situation on the Ajah road hasn’t helped, but with the newly constructed Ajah flyover bridge and other ongoing road developments, traffic situation is expected to significantly improve. 

The estate has a central power generation unit, but it wasn’t functional at the time of this review). Power supply is dependent on EKDC. Most residents use inverters to supplement power supply.


The estate has a central water supply unit but it wasn’t functional at the time of this review. As a result, all houses in the estate have alternatives in place for their water needs. 

The environment is very clean, well maintained and beautifully landscaped. There are several green areas which give the entire neighbourhood a nice natural feel.


Waste management is handled by the estate management body. The estate is very clean and there is no dirt lying around.

There are several good schools within the Badore axis. The most popular is the Royal Regency School which is located along the estate road. Other good schools include 


There’s the Dove Hospital, as well as the Dayspring Specialist Hospital along the Badore road which is not too far from the estate. There are some other hospitals within the vicinity.


There are branches of Diamond Bank, Fidelity Bank, Eco Bank and First Bank located along the Badore road. There are also branches of several other banks along the Lekki – Epe expressway.


There are several good hotels located within Badore. Such as –

  • Tasko Crown Hotel
  • Norscort Hotel
  • Crown Guest House


  • There’s the Ajah market located not too far from the estate and the Ikota Shopping Complex located at VGC along the Lekki – Epe expressway. The Eleganza Shopping Mall is also within walking distance from the Ajah junction.
  • High income earning families that want to live in a serviced and well maintained estate.
  • Businesses that met  the  standards required by the Estate Management
  • Investors in real estate

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