We know you have questions
Let's see how many we can answer right now. If your need further answers kindly contact us

We know you have questions

Let's see how many we can answer right now. If your need further answers kindly contact us

Co-op Villas is a residential Housing Estate of Urban Housing Co-operative (UHC).

UHC is owned by its members which comprise three categories of membership, namely:

  1. Equity Members
  2. Estate Members
  3. Associate Members

An Equity member is someone who is interested in the overall operation of the co-operative beyond any particular estate.  An Equity member shall invest and have Equitable share in the Co-operative.

An Estate member is anyone who owns or rents property at any part of a Co-op Estate.

An Associate member is anyone without the means or desire for admission as an Equity or Estate member.

A resident Landlord is an Estate member

Estate members shall only have direct involvement in matters affecting their estate

Any person or corporate body that wishes to join the Co-operative shall complete an application from, which would be considered by the Management Committee.  The applicant shall be informed of his admission or otherwise in writing

Land for the Estate was acquired directly from the traditional land owners in Badore through Dwelyn Housing Services Limited who held it in trust pending when prospective members take up individual plots.

The Co-operative has executed an agreement with the Lagos State Government to develop the Estate under “The Development Estate by private developers” scheme.  Accordingly, a single C of O covering all rounds within the Estate is being prepared.

The Allottee would receive a registered Deed of Sub-lease for their plot after all development levies and payments are made in respect of their plot.

An Allottee can Mortgage his after having sought and obtained the consent of the Co-operative (lessor) and the Lagos State Government (Head lessor).

An Estate member can assign or transfer his interest subject to the consent of the Co-operative and Lagos State Government.  However, the Co-operative should be given the first right of option to purchase the property before sales to a third party.

The development of the Estate is managed by Urban Housing Co-operative through its Development Agent, Dwelyn Housing Services Ltd.

No!  The Estate is a purely Residential Estate.  Any use other than Residential shall be a fundamental violation of the allottee’s Deed of Sub-lease.

An Estate member can operate a business enterprise by applying in writing to the Management Committee provided a site is available for the said business and it would not undermine the interest of other members.  The business must also be such that will not duplicate existing facilities except in exceptional cases.  The Management Committee stipulates all other conditions.

There is a Project Account for the Estate that is managed by the Management Committee and the account is audited along with the account of Urban Housing Co-operative.

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