Our Mission​
Build classy, safe and well-maintained​ residential and businesss communities

Our Mission

Build classy, safe and well-maintained​ residential and businesss communities

Many businesses try to do what we do, but none comes close. Our history, authenticity and experience gathered over the years makes all the difference.

Securing landed property in Nigeria is not an easy task, it’s even a bigger challenge in Lagos state than in most places. It’s why Cooperative Villas was conceived and today, we are bold to say we have grown to great heights! With several estates in different locations  in Lagos, we can say we have been doing our part in making it easier to own property in Lagos. 

CoopVillas is a residential  Housing Estate of Urban Housing Co-operative, and for over twenty years we have brought smiles to the faces of happy clients. We will make you smile too.

Our clients derive satisfaction from our business model which allows flexible payment plans. With core values that prioritize Credibility, Accountability , Reliability, Quality and Continual Improvement, you can rest assured that you’re getting a good deal

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We have flexible payment plans to make purchase easier. Land goes for $87 /sqm in CoopVillas Estate. 

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